If you see smoke or fire dial 000 immediately.

Make sure that your Bush Fire Survival Plan is up to date and everyone knows what to do in case of fire.

Will you leave or stay? Have the discussion NOW.

Canyonleigh’s Rural Bush Fire Brigade includes an experienced and dedicated upper echelon of Captains and Deputy Captains (past and present) together with a core of dedicated members.

  • Captain: Mark Pearson 2010 – present
  • Senior Deputy Captain: Brett Bannerman 2010 – present
  • Deputy Captain: Peter Attreed (also past Captain)
  • Deputy Captain: John Kay (also past Captain)

Office Bearers

  • President: John Kay
  • Treasurer: Frank Downes
  • Secretary: Terry Biscoe
  • Community Safety Officers: Frances Crown & Cyril Turner
  • WHS Officer: Greg Hook
  • Equipment Officer: Lindsay Fowler
  • Equipment & Safety Officer: Adam Stefanuik

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Our equipment & facilities

The Canyonleigh Bush Fire Brigade operates two fire trucks: Cat 1 and Cat 7. These are housed in the brigade’s fire shed which features a meeting/conference area, office, bathrooms, kitchen and general training areas internally and externally.

The brigade members (with assistance from the community) installed three over-head rapid-fill stations in its shed. This allows for trucks to quickly and efficiently refill with water without having to attach any drafting hoses or pump operation.

The brigade, with the assistance of federal and state funding, also installed four large concrete tanks in strategically located areas of Canyonleigh as water sources in times of emergency.

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